Advantages of Customised Assemblies of Coolrooms and Freezers

Coolrooms and freezers perform adequately when they adopt modest outlines, but, let’s face it, these factory stock products rarely function as well as their customised counterparts. Imagine the tailored interiors that grant key chilly benefits. Their interiors have been augmented with key extras and built to accommodate specific client requirements. Special sizes and custom-built assemblies […]

How Temperature Factors Affect Coolroom and Freezer Performance

Performance metrics weigh heavily on the minds of coolroom and freezer installers. It’s not that the refrigeration gear causes installation headaches, but it does create a relatively heavy carbon footprint. Certainly, contemporary cool rooms are built to satisfy exacting design standards, but they still consume more energy than most appliances. That’s why we’re going to […]

The Vital Role of Coolrooms and Freezers in the Preservation of Freshness in Different Products

When in the restaurant or grocery business, coolrooms and freezers play a vital role in the preservation of the freshness of various products. While the temperature range of coolrooms is sufficient for protecting fresh produce and meats for a short period of time, other products require the colder temperatures that freezers provide foods. In the […]

Difference Between Coolrooms and Freezers

Commerial Refrigeration Explained

Casual consumers use technical terms generously, but engineers don’t have that luxury. Take coolrooms and freezers, for instance. They’re obviously both designed to safely store perishable items, but there are key differences between them. Let’s draw a clean separation line between the two chilly environments so that you’ll always know which room suits which application. […]

Helpful Tips in Choosing your Coolroom and Freezer Service Provider

Coolrpom Repair Tools

Cool rooms are essential resources. There’s probably one that’s storing chilled beverages and spoilable food in your local supermarket. Elsewhere, a specialized enclosure is refrigerating a critically important batch of biological samples in a hospital while a florist shop down the street uses its powerful commercial unit to cool fresh flowers. Expert coolroom and freezer […]